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Dr. Dwayne R. Burbach

Dr. Burbach     Dr. Burbach

Thanks for checking us out on our dental web page.  Just a note about me.  I have been practicing dentistry in Atascadero CA for almost 31 years.  I came out west in 1976 from the great state of Kansas to go to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.  I met my wife Cheryl at LLU and we came to Atascadero in the summer of 1980 to get started and 30 years just flew by.  I've been a married guy for 32 to years.  Cheryl is a Dental Hygienist and worked in our office for 20 years before she retired.  I have two grown children, Cami Burbach who owns Academe Real Estate & Property Management here in Atascadero and George "Cody" Burbach who is the Captain of "Mas Fina" a commercial fishing boat out of Morro Bay.  My time away from the office, which seems to be very little, is spent in farming, riding around this great country on my Harley Davidson, and shooting clay targets with my shotgun.

I practice "Old School" dentistry with all the most modern dental equipment and training.  Continuing Education is a must in a dental practice in order to incorporate the great changes and improvements that are occurring in our field.  My associate Dr. Russell Wilson and I are in the business of quality dental work. This is not a "cosmetic dental spa" but a practice that strives to provide a quality approach to maintaining your healthy mouth and letting you "smile with confidence".  We believe that we truly work for you and have a low pressure approach to explaining the options you have for your care.  If you can tolerate "folksy stories from Kansas" I would very much like to provide your dental care.



Dr. Russell Wilson

Dr. Wilson and Family

Thank you for taking time to research my profile and our practice, dentistry is my passion and I am excited to share that passion with you.  I grew up in the industry, born and raised in Whittier, CA, my father owned a dental lab and although I didn’t know it at the time, it was the foundation that drove me into dentistry.  I attended college at UCLA and completed my Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at University of Southern California in 1999.

After graduation I joined Pacific Dental and gained experience working in high end practices in South Orange County.  It was during this time that I met my beautiful wife, Terri, and we were married in 2001.

My wife was born and raised in the Central Valley in the small town of Woodlake, so when looking to buy a practice, a home, and start a family, we decided to move closer to her family.  I purchased a practice in Visalia, CA in 2002, and it was there that we started our family. We were blessed with twin girls, Makena and Riley, in 2003, and thought our family was complete and could not add any more. To our surprise, we were able to have another and were blessed with our son, Bennett, in June of 2005.

 From 2004 – 2010, I served on the Tulare Kings County Dental Society Board.  First as a liaison between the California Dental Political Action Committee and California State Legislators and then I worked my way up through the Board and was President in 2009.  I truly enjoyed my time on the Board and look forward to working with the Central Coast Dental Society in the future.
I ran a thriving practice for 14 years in Visalia, but what we realized as a family that it was not the best environment for our children.  We were looking for the best environment to raise our children in and I believe we found that on the Central Coast. I have been commuting for the past 3.5 years from Templeton to Visalia to keep my practice running but also put my kids in a best environment possible.  Therefore, I am so excited to have sold my practice in Visalia and be associating with Dr. Burbach, not only to be more present with my family, but to practice dentistry with someone who is as passionate about dentistry and patient care as I am.
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